Our Story

Founded on the principle of solving Sri Lankans' everyday challenges with technology. We promise innovation, advanced technologies and customer-centric approach to empower every Sri Lankans' life. Our innovative approach and products empower our customers' life and allow them to enjoy Life Beyond Limits.

Who we are

Moneta is the official brand of FinTech Hive (PVT) Ltd., a software service provider, founded in August 2019. We're proud to be creating financial freedom for all. Currently we are upgrading the way people access to product and service in Sri Lanka and enabling our customers' life beyond limits.

Our Vision

Make the Life easy and beyond limits.

We believe, we can make a biggest contribution to the humanity by solving the complex problems in every traditional process and enable the life easy and beyond limit.

Our Mission

Enabling The Power of Technological Innovation to the middle economic consumers and delivering the world-class experiences to them.

We introduced a fresh approach to our customers' lifestyle through our customer centric innovation and empower them with excellent shopping experiences. Enable several thousand of life to access to products and services with transparency, freedom, and smooth experiences beyond limits. Our approach is speed, innovative and creating positive impact in many lifes.

The 3 Moneta Pillars

Customer Centric Innovation

Our solutions work for real life problems, so that they provide more ease for users to life life beyond limits.


We provide fast and effective solutions with the better experiece, than the traditional solutions.

Positive Social Impact

Everything we do, we care about the society and aim to create positive social impact as possible.

There is always a way to solve everyday problems and create positive social impact. If you have any questions, you can contact us